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Faster development, better code quality


IBM Wazi as a Service provides self-serve access to z/OS systems, it enables developers to spin up a z/OS dev and test virtual server on the IBM Cloud in just a few minutes. Shorter development and testing cycles help development teams to respond faster to business needs and improve software quality. Once the code quality is assured it is committed to the Version Control Repository.

Fully automated DevOps


Kobee provides DevOps (CI/CD) and Toolchain Orchestration for the z/OS environment, it monitors the Version Control Repository and will upon codebase change initiate compile and promote processes according to the life cycle of the project. The DevOps processes will run on the on-premise production mainframe.

Modernization is the answer to your Mainframe challenges

Modernizing mainframe development implies using a DevOps solution that supports this modern way of working.

WAZI aaS and Modern DevOps enables you to:

INTEGRATE with modern development tools

AUTOMATE change activities

ADAPT contemporary development methodologies (such as Agile)

DevOps that accommodates both the Business and IT departments

Business requirements

  • Enable mainframe to be more responsive to business needs
  • Reducing time to market by removing the bottlenecks in mainframe change delivery
  • Reduce cost of changes via process efficiency, automation and driving quality by design

I.T. requirements

  • Introduce more automation
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Remove waste from the value stream
  • Adopt the process and controls to make releases safer and more efficient

All the features needed to automate your development process in a single application

Customizable Life Cycles

Each project can have multiple life cycles. Each life cycle provides a customizable workflow for automating the activities required to move back and forth in the development/release process.

Automated Build

The framework supports Release and Package-based builds (Distributed and Mainframe). You can have continuous integration (CI), scheduled or forced builds. Once the release is built, it is stored as an archive for later use.
Build types supported: Full Build, Partial Build, Production-based Partial Build, or tag-based Partial Build.

Automated Deployment

The automated deployment process moves the release or package to the appropriate Test or Production environment. For each solution a dedicated set of pre-defined but customizable actions is used (we call these: "Solution Phases") to automate this process.

Approvals & Notifications

You can make your deployments pre- or post-approval based, and you can also get notified by e-mail of any successful or failed build or deploy.

Toolchain Orchestration

No matter which tools you are using, they can be integrated in your automated lifecycle. Based on the outcome of your tools (passed or failed) a next action will be executed and the information will be logged.

Integrations & Test automation

Most popular Version Control Repositories (Git, GitHub, MS TFVC, Azure DevOps Service Version Control, CVS) and Issue Tracing Systems (Jira, Microsoft TFS, Azure DevOps Services, MicroFocus ALM and GitHub) are supported. In other cases the API can be used to integrate any VCR or ITS. Software tests are automated by triggering 3d party testing tools and evaluating the results.

Compliancy and Security

We enable the use of process standards (CMM, ITIL, Six SigmaTM, Sarbanes-Oxley). User Access Control is handled by your company’s own security system (Active Directory, LDAP, Kerberos).

We care about quality products at fair and transparent pricing

No hidden fees, we value honesty and integrity whether you are a small business or a large enterprise.

Price per user
Billed annually (one year minimum)
Minimum annual order €25000.

What's included:

  • Software Updates
  • Technical Support (Email)

After your purchase, we can team up* and set out the guidelines to get everything up and running


We'll discover your road ahead

Together we will analyze you current development and release process and the ideal DevOps scenario.


We'll create an implementation plan

Your enterprise is unique, we will establish an actionable implementation plan to reach your goals with Kobee.


We'll execute the plan together

Through a combination of our implementation expertise and customer support, we'll make sure your team can get started as soon as possible.

* Through consultation services by our implementation partners

What you can expect from us

It's best to look before you leap when moving from an old SCM tool to a modern (DevOps) build and deploy architecture. It takes vision and experience to make this new technology fit within the organisation structure and to ensure all stakeholders succesfully adapt to this new way of working

Your People

Your people will be able to set up the solution by themselves, but our experts will help them getting the job done. It’s fairly easy to understand for anyone.

Your Process

It's important that we first get a clear picture of the complexity of your current build and deploy processes. This helps us to define the optimal solution for your company and to draw the roadmap on how to get there.

Your Technology

It’s not about novelty, we want your new solution to work without errors, with the tools you choose, adapted to your way of working.

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