Life Cycle Management for Oracle ODI

The easiest way to automate your ODI project export and promote process from Dev to Test and Production and back

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Automate your development to deployment ODI project flows with Life Cycle Management

A CI/CD system that adapts to you

To match the uniqueness of your company you need a solution that’s easily and quickly customizable. Whenver you need to change.

Stop wasting time

Your teams will be able to focus on their tasks, not on maintaining the tools that should be helping them in the first place.

Release quick, rollback smoothly

Deliver the complete package at the right place or go back cleanly as if nothing has been changed.

Quickly trace all moving parts

“Who”, where, when and what” answered in a snap is what true traceability and transparency is about.

Technicaly, you just need a single tool to make this happen

  • Release Automation
  • Auto Build / Deploy
  • Approvals / Notifications
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Toolchain Orchestration
  • ODI release management
  • ODI Continuous Integration
  • Fast rollback
  • Collaborates with Git used in ODI Studio
  • Parallel development
  • Compliance and Security
  • Audit / Impact Analysis
  • Adopt DevOps Culture

CI/CD process flow for Oracle ODI


Exclusive focus on development tasks, his only responsibilty in the CI/CD process is commiting code using ODI Studio.


Reacts upon changes in the version control repository by running the create (build) and promote (deployment) processes for the changed project.

  • Build results are stored by Kobee (for future deployments or rollbacks).
  • Kobee links the execution result (build) to the initial commit by tagging the code in the version control repository.
  • Kobee updates the Issue Tracker/Requirements system associated entry with execution result details.
  • Kobee notifies the developer who commited the code about the result.

ODI environment

The only task for the different Dev, Test or Prod ODI environments is to run the available ODI projects.

OWB to ODI migration service

Automated conversion service for migrating OWB projects to ODI equivalents with 100% accuracy, for a fixed price in a pre-agreed timeframe.

  • Migrating from OWB to ODI can help users benefit from the advanced features of ODI, such as declarative design, heterogeneous sources and targets, knowledge modules, and load plans.

How it works

The service analyzes the OWB repository, generates the ODI objects, tests the mappings and load plans, and installs the converted ODI materials.

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Upgrade from ODI 11 to ODI 12 service

A tool that assists Oracle's UA to upgrade from ODI 11 to ODI 12 automatically, with precise mappings, models, and operators.

  • Upgrade to ODI 12 for improved performance and functionality with a clean ODI 12 repository.

How it works

Accelerates the Oracle Upgrade Assistant and prevents it from generating redundant objects.

An ODI 11 interface is converted to a single ODI 12 mapping (with no dataset and no reusable mappings) and only the required ODI 12 Models and Datastores are generated.

Discover all the features in detail
in the White Paper

We care about quality products at fair and transparent pricing

No hidden fees, we value honesty and integrity whether you are a small business or a large enterprise

Price per user
Billed annually (one year minimum)
Minimum annual order €25000.

What's included:

  • Software Updates
  • Technical Support (Email)

After your purchase, we can team up* and set out the guidelines to get everything up and running


We'll discover your road ahead

Together we will analyze you current development and release process and the ideal DevOps scenario.


We'll create an implementation plan

Your enterprise is unique, we will establish an actionable implementation plan to reach your goals with Kobee.


We'll execute the plan together

Through a combination of our implementation expertise and customer support, we'll make sure your team can get started as soon as possible.

* Through consultation services by our implementation partners

What you can expect from us

It's best to look before you leap when moving from an old SCM tool to a modern (DevOps) build and deploy architecture. It takes vision and experience to make this new technology fit within the organisation structure and to ensure all stakeholders succesfully adapt to this new way of working

Your People

Your people will be able to set up the solution by themselves, but our experts will help them getting the job done. It’s fairly easy to understand for anyone.

Your Process

It's important that we first get a clear picture of the complexity of your current build and deploy processes. This helps us to define the optimal solution for your company and to draw the roadmap on how to get there.

Your Technology

It’s not about novelty, we want your new solution to work without errors, with the tools you choose, adapted to your way of working.

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